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World's Coolest Ambulance Vehicles
Published on 2/18/2008

UK (Portsmouth)
Using the Mini as an emergency vehicle is nothing new. In the 60s the Mini Cooper was used as a Police car with great effect. The Mini Cooper Police Car was light, nimble and faster than many other vehicles of the time. While we don't know of any local authorities using the MINI as a police car, there are six NHS authorities that have MINI Cooper S ambulances. This unit, seen at the National Mini Cooper Day at Beaulieu on 10 June is from Portsmouth. The vehicle itself and ongoing maintenance was provided by Snows Portsmouth MINI, while the modifications, equipment and ambulance staff are paid for by Portsmouth pubs and clubs.

One of the fastest emergency vehicles, fully suited for rough terrain as well, has been developed in Zuffenhausen. With laborious hand work, 15 trainees of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart have converted the sport utility vehicle Cayenne S into a very modern deployment vehicle for rescue workers. The prototype will be employed by Health and Safety Services. The interior of the original production vehicle from the first Cayenne generation was completely modified. The rear seat and passenger seat had to give way to an aluminum frame construction, onto which the stretcher can be slid through the tailgate of the vehicle. A seat for the emergency doctor was set up adjacent to the stretcher. The modified Cayenne S provides the doctor with highly modern medical equipment for administering first aid to the patient. The cash-strapped country's health ministry used a loan from the World Bank to buy 32 Cayenne ambulances.

This new ambulance cars are planned to be used for service on the hardest parts of the country.

Canadian paramedics can breathe a sigh of relief, unbuckle their corset belts and cancel their chiropractor's appointments - if they work in Calgary, that is. The city has taken delivery of an ambulance designed to get its obese citizens to hospital with as little stress and strain as possible - provided they don't tip the scales at more than 1000 lbs. The refit, which costs more than $30,000 per vehicle, includes a specially designed air mattress that inflates beneath the patient to transfer him to the stretcher (reinforced and widened, natch) and a remote lift system that raises the stretcher into the ambulance.

A 2002 Honda Pan European ST1300 in paramedic colours. Notice the small but important blue flashing repeater light that enables motorists with a side view of the bike to see it is on an emergency run.

Europe, beautiful and conservative, but sometimes very modern, offers the whole medical stations for the services. For instance, France uses the buses Mercedes 530 N Citaro. The vehicle belongs to Hospitalite' Notre Dame de Lourdes. The bus provided with best apparatus has ability to bring more than just one passenger and more than just one doctor.

This is a sanitary bus used for a patient's transportation in the conditions of overcrowded Indian streets.

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