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Top 5 Most Bizarre Products ever
Published on 1/23/2006

Eat Alternative Human Flesh, for the cannibal in you

Hufu is a tofu-based product that is meant to resemble, as realistically as possible, the taste and texture of human flesh. It is touted as a "human flesh alternative" for "cannibals who want to quit", as well as a product for anthropology students studying cannibalism.

Mark Nuckols, the creator, said "I think that a lot of the pleasure of eating the Hufu product, is imagining you're eating human flesh. For that moment, you can join the fraternity of cannibalism... If you really want to come as close as possible to the experience of cannabalism, Hufu is your best option."

Pun a Urinal with Advertising on your store

The Interactive Urine Communicator is an advertising device invented by bio-engineer Richard Deutsch for the Islip, New York company Wizmark. The 3.5 inch screen is placed in a urinal to promote products or services.

"Now when nature calls, there is going to be something entertaining to look at and listen to."
Features of the advertising include:

  • Flashing lights that are activated by physical presence, or actual urination
  • A lenticular image that changes depending on viewpoint
  • A 16-second pre-recorded audio message

    Make and improve your own Cola Drink

    The world's first open-source beverage, OpenCola, is a brand of cola unique in that the instructions for making it are freely available and modifiable.

    Anybody can make the drink, and anyone can modify and improve on the recipe as long as they, too, license their recipe under the GNU General Public License.

    Read your newspaper on your Electronic Toilet

    The modern toilet in Japan, commonly known in Japanese as Washlet is likely the most advanced type of toilet worldwide, showing a dazzling array of features.

    It includes many features, such as blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, flushing after use, wireless control panels, heating and air conditioning for the room. These features can be accessed by a control panel that is either attached to one side of the seat or on a wall nearby.

    Here, have a Gay Drink

    Gay Fuel is an energy drink marketed towards the gay community. Some refer to it as a 'graphite smoothie'.

    Gay Fuel is similar to Red Bull, except the liquid is dyed bright pink. Its makers claim Gay Fuel contains a blend of sexual stimulant herbs and immune system boosters. The can is silver with several rainbow stripes.

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